Thursday, May 12, 2016

2 Leasing Strategies and Their Purpose

For articles that will discuss about what the strategy is also the purpose of leasing and leasing strategy itself. We begin with the understanding of the strategy of leasing, the lease is a contract between the parties Approval of assets with a second party who wants to take advantage of those assets within a certain time with a certain rate of return.

Now for more details about any further leasing strategy, let us consider the following penjelasn.

As explained before leasing an asset owner anatra contract agreement with a second party who wants to capitalize on utilizing these assets (lesse) in a certain period of time and with a certain return.

In this day and age in leasing object may include apartments, office, car, home, computer and sebagianya. In general, the lease contract entitles lesse to be able to renew the lease contract for the coming period or entitles lesse to buy such assets.kerja sampingan

The benefits to be received by lesse be used without having to buy their own assets. As for the lessor's own benefit in the form of earning money periodic lease. There is also the lessor gives a condition for the payment of maintenance fees, taxes, and insurance. There are two types of leasing that we often encounter, namely:

1.Operating lease
Leasing is the term usually wkatunya irrevocable time period shorter than the age of the assets that have been in the leasingkan.

2.Financial lease
A long-term lease and can not be undone. In this case lesse required to pay rent sampi end of the economic life of the assets. Financial leases consist of three forms, namely:

a.Sale and leaseback

Under this agreement, the company sells its assets to another party, then the buyer lease back the assets kepda companies. The benefit is the company obtained sales of such assets.

The advantage that the two companies are still able to use these assets in a period of leasing agreements even though ownership of the asset has changed hands.

b.Direct Leasing

In this lease, lesse mengguankana assets in previously did not have.

c.Leveraged Leasing

Leveraged Leasing is a form of financing where the leasing assets that require considerable investment. In leveraged leasing, there are three parties involved, namely the lessor, lessee, as well as the lender. The lessor acquire the assets of behutang with a third party (the lender).

Illustration of the leasing process (image: Google)

The purpose of the lease itself there are five, yatu:

In order to enhance the growth of the market by withdrawing market (consumers) that can not be bought at once.kerja online

In order to realize the long-term profits higher, this is because the cost of production will be fully amortized. Here the cost of renting a profit.
In order to improve cash flow
To obtain a constant flow of profits
In order to avoid the risk of technological obsolescence
As another strategy, that this strategy was successful there must be conditions that must be met. Requirements to be met by the company include:

Companies should have the financial resources to be able to resume production dibutukan which would then be used in order to make a sale or lease in the future.
Companies must be able to perform the calculation of adequate on lease rate and the minimum lease period so that the total amount of which will dibayarka by the lessee is small compared to bial pay monthly installments on the sale at once.cara membuat facebook

Quite a lot of available consumers are hampered by the large capital requirements needed in order to buy assets at a time secar
The lessor is expected to have the skills to match the development of products that may have been able to make the products obsolete lessor.
After we know what requirements are needed to use this strategy, then the next is the expected benefits of this strategy are:

There is an increasing market share of the company because consumers can covers those who might not be buying a product
Their income is stable for many years the
The existence of a larger cash flow, is caused by the cost of the income tax that is lower than the elimination of depreciation.
The increase in sales if consumers exercise a purchase option rights.
Demikain explanation of the strategy of leasing , the article may be helpful to you either in or add insight to grow your business. Thank you for reading our article, I'll see you in another article.