Thursday, May 12, 2016

4 Characteristics Owned Services

N ah the previous article we already know the definition of the services, the services are being offered something that is intangible, to find out more details can read the article definition services . For this article I will give a bit of my knowledge of the characteristics of services, for more details, please read this article.cara membuat facebook

In general, the service will have four main characteristics that would distinguish it from goods, namely:

1. Intangibility
What distinguishes services from goods, if the item is an object, tool, or object. Then the service is an act, atupun performance businesses. Likewise goods can be owned, but services can only be consumed can not be owned by the customer.

Services are intangibility has a meaning that services can not be dicioum, felt seen, heard sebulum a service it bought da consumed by consumers. In this case the concept of intangibility has two meanings according to Barry in Enis and Cox (1998), namely:

Something that can not be touched and felt.
Something that is hard to define, formulated, or understood spiritually.
That way people will not be able to judge kualitasa of a service before he himself consumes the service itself. When a consumer buys a service, he will only be able to use, rent, take advantage of the services, but will not be able to have the services that have been purchased.

Now therefore, consumers should be able to notice tada-sign or evidence of the quality of these services. Consumers can infer the quality of service of places, people, equipment, communication materials, symbols sera price they have observed.kerja online

Thus, the task of a marketer (seller of services (is "manage the evidence" and "tangibilize the intangible." The challenges faced by marketers of services is to provide physical and comparisons on abstract deals.

It is very difficult to do, because something abstract that is difficult to describe or imagine. Therefore required expertise and skills to be able to describe something abstract it into a real duania.

Usually the goods will be produced, kemuadian ditu goods sold to the consumer, and the goods will be consumed to meet a need. However, different from the services, general services will be directly sold, then it will be produced and will be consumed barsamaan.

In this case the interaction between the seller (provider) and customer service is a particular feature of a pemasarn services. In this connection, the effectiveness of individuals who deliver services is an important element.

Thus we can conclude that the key to success of service providers (business services) at the time of recruitment, compensation, training and development of employees.

This service is highly variable due to the nature of non-standardized output, which can be interpreted so many variations of shape, quality, type, depending on who, when and where the services are produced. Consumers usually sanagtlah concerned with high variance and they usually ask for the opinion of others before they use the services or select the services.kerja sampingan

Well here the service provider can perform three steps in order to control the quality of services, namely:

The service provider should malakukan investment in the selection and training of personnel (employees) are good.
Standardize the process of implementation services.
Service providers should be able to monitor the satisfaction of customer services by way of suggestion and complaint systems, customer surveys, or by comparison shopping, so service providers can find out where peyanan unfavorable.
4. Perishability
For the characteristics of the latter, explaining that the services can not be saved and also are not durable. This will not be a problem if demand remains as it is easy to set up services such requests before.

In the event of fluctuating demand, this will cause the problem to be related to idle capacity and customers will not teralayani well. It would create a risk of customers will feel disappointed and terburukny chances are they will turn to other service providers.

That is the characteristic of a service, basically services are still urgently needed services to stay where it is and the right time. Similarly, an article about this characteristic, I hope this article can add your insight about the services and may also mengebangkan business services.