Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 Classification Of Services

in a previous article we have classified the products according to whether or not a product form. For the first is physical tangible goods, while the second is in the form of services (read). For this article will be more focus on discussing about the services, for more details see the explanation below.bisnis rumahan

Basically the services developed rapidly in recent years is due to several contributing factors, including the effect of the increase in the services sector, the relaxing time that a lot, the percentage of women entering the labor force grew, life expectancy is increasing, the products become more complex, their increasing complexity of life, rapid technological change, increased attention to ecological and resource sector.

Basically the difference between products and services is very small, because at the time of purchase of a product must be followed (accompanied) with specific services. suppose we buy a tv would certainly be accompanied by instalisasi services. And also when we buy services will certainly be followed by the product, as an example when we eat, in the restaurant.

However, according Otler, et., Al. (1996) define each action as a service offered by one party to another party where acts / actions that are intangibe l (not a physical shape) and also does not produce the ownership of anything.

Jasapun can diklasifikasin based on certain criteria. Lovelock figures classify services into five, namely:

Based on the nature of the action services. According to the act of service, these services can be grouped into a matrix consisting of two axes. On the vertical axis measures the nature adalh services (both tangible and intangible actions actions) while the horizontal axis is the recipient of the service (either in the form of objects or human)peluang usaha

Based on the relationship between the customer and service provider. In this case as well as the nature of the action services, services can be grouped into a matrix consisting of two axes. On the vertical axis is a services company and the customer, while the horizontal is the nature peyampaian services.
Beradasarkan level cutomization and judgment in the delivery of services. Services can be grouped into a matrix consisting of two axes. In vertikalanya axis is cutomization jasam characteristics while the horizontal axis is the level of judgment applied by contact personnel in meeting the needs of consumers.
Based on the nature of the demand and supply of services. Here also the services are grouped into a matrix consisting of two axes. Vertical axis shows the extent to which services are facing problems in connection with the occurrence of peak demand. While on the horizontal is permintaa level fluctuations over time.cara membuat email

Pursuant method of service delivery. And the latter is the same as the above classification, the services are grouped into a matrix with two axes. With a vertical axis menunjukkna nature of customer interaction and service companies, while the horizontal is availability of service outlet.
In Lovelock's classification as a graphical representation but different. Because the classification inin its only connects just fine. It's like a column with 4 influence where the influence of influencing each other.

Thus the article on definitions and also the level of services, may be useful for you. Hopefully you can take existing knowledge in this article.