Thursday, May 12, 2016

3 Classification of Goods According Industrial Supplies

In a previous article we know that the classification by consumers who are divided into two, namely consumer goods and industrial goods. And in the article has explained about consumer goods and their classification ( click here ).usaha rumahan

Now for the third part of the article will discuss the item in classification of industrial goods. For more details, please read the following article.

At almost the same dasanya goods industry with consumer goods that distinguishes it is the buyer and the purpose of the purchase. Industrial goods can be considered as goods consumed (purchased) by industrialists (among consumers or business customers) unuk purposes other than direct consumption. The point is that a company will be:

Changing the goods, the goods will be produced (converted) into other goods which will then be resold) by the manufacturer.
The goods will be resold (by dealers) without changes (physical transformation / production process).Manajemen

The DAPT industrial goods classified according to the role in terms of production processes and the relative costs. There are three major groups in this industrial goods, namely:

1.Materials ad Parts
Contained in the types of goods are goods diaman barrage of goods wholly or completely enter into the finished product. Within the group of starters there may be broken into two kelomok, namely raw materials and spare parts.

Raw materials, raw materials can be grouped into two types: agricultural products (eg rice, vegetables, nuah, cotton, as well as animal products), and products merupaka natural resources (such as oil, gas, timber, and still more bnayk).
Raw materials and spare parts are also divided into component materials (such as threads, wires) and component parts (such as tires). In this case the component materials still need to be processed again bleak for ditetnun aakan yarn into fabric
Component these materials have properties that can transdarisasi mangakibatkan prices and the state of the supplier becomes the most important purchasing factor. While the component parts entirely into the finished product, in this case the product is not going to change the shape and nature.
2. Capital Items
Capital items are durable goods to the right provide ease in developing and or manage into finished products. Preformance capital items are classified into two, namely:

Instalisas i, instalisasi This may include buildings (offices tau factory) and equipment (machinery, computers, etc.)
Peratalan supplemental, consisting of equipment and tooling company that is portable and office equipment. In this case, both types of goods do not become part of the finished goods, rather it helps the production process.Peluang Bisnis

3. Supplies and Service
As included in the group's supplies and service adalh goods nondurable and services that give keudahan in developing or managing the overall finished product.

In this supplies consisting of top perlengkapa operation and maintenance materials da reparations.
Business services consist of maintenance and repair services as well as business consulting.
Here is an explanation of some of the classification of goods according to industrial goods. Terimaksih to you who have read this article, somoga this article useful for you all.