Thursday, May 12, 2016

3 Responsibility Manager in Managing System

Basically the system is very important to be managed by managing your system can make sure everything goes right. Because, basically, it all stems from the system so that if the system is either all will be good too. For more details about the management of the system let us consider the following explanation.

We know that the Nobel Prize winner, Ilya Prigogine discovered that a complex system can set itself only when there are restrictions around it. Because of this constraint would explain the "self" that will be developed through self-organization.bisnis rumahan

Without limitation, the system will not have the motivation and barriers to be able to manage himself. They should have a limit so directly expressed needs in management.

This is one of the general cognition, in a system without regulation there will be no Yanga has limitations. Supposedly all that there is a limit. We should realize that this universe is the limit for us.

Planet Earth is also limitation of resources also has limitations. Then we can take a lesson that there are always many opportunities for self-organization is created, and will quite often, at least something will emerge from it.

how to manage the system
the system will work when all juag work (image: Google)

But at this moment you are a manager who sets the system for the first time, and control the system. You should take the opportunity to be able to ensure bahwasannya what would appear to have value for you and the environment.peluang usaha

Basically, science does not ask you to wait for a solution that is right for you, then road manager for can specify constraints and obstacles is affecting what will emerge from the team manager himself (Lewis, Regine 2001). You must realize that you will not be able to manage people, but you can manage the system.

In biology, the term was directed evolution. In companies engaged in biotechnology that will use the power of evolution to be able to make medicines. They will be attempted responsible for all the pressures that are selective and allow nature in order to manage themselves and do the remaining.

Efforts in order to direct the evolution of it related to changing the limit so natural mengsahilkan a molecule that is very valuable. Then the self-organization is only terfoku on a business is masalh diaman we can utilize existing barriers so that the group of people gave valuable outcomes to the organization as a whole.

At the moment we unite barriers to a group of people, then the responsibility of a third of a manager is set where the direction of self-management system, so it's true that manejar merupaakn manipulator. But they are a manipulator system, instead of the manipulator.

In dasrnya we have identified the three liable to a manager at the time would establish a system bottleneck in the organization: 1) to develop the system, 2) protect the system, 3) directs the system.cara membuat email

The above is a brief explanation of the responsibilities of a manager at the time wanted to set obstacles. Hopefully the article can bermaanfaat for you, thank you for reading our article. See you in the next article.