Thursday, May 12, 2016

Want to Work Current? Get Team Members Trust

In previous articles we have discussed about Trust the your team, because they trust in the team will make you successful (read: trust the team ). For this time the article discusses how to gain the trust of the team members.Peluang Bisnis

It is no less important to trust the team, because here will make the team into a solid and well komapak to run a job. For more details, let perhatiakn penjelasn below.

Note that in the title of this article is not "people should trust their manager," but kepercyaan should be obtained or is obtained. And kepercyaan that would be obtained if we always meet all your appointments.

By the time I tell people that I will be back with some problems, I will get back to him to be able to discuss the issue. And when I berjabji to send an e-mail then I will send the document is.

By the time you've promised to teapi not getting the sense of trust that will hialng. Let's say that an A has promised to meet and people who told us to pick her up. When he was no news, then you would have called and that person memberian reasons that made no sense because he could not come.

Then automatically you will lose your sense of confidence against him. Basically, you will build a sense of henya premises kepercayaa way of doing what you have done or promised. A sense of trust to you, it means that other people think you are unreliable.Manajemen

Actually, a sense of trust for the person easily be formed, but also easy to be vandalized. Kepercyaan taste the order when the person malakukan unexpected thing becoming unpleasant for others.

Confidence in the employee
examples of people who give credence to others (Image: Google)

The other cause is when people unexpectedly being unpleasant (the person malakukan something that you do not want), or unexpectedly are pleasant (such orag malakuakn thing you want when you do not want telalu).

For as a manager should have a pleasant attitude, and I feel that you will be easy to gain the trust of your people.

It is true that if a manjer been trusted by all its employees all work and communicate will easily entwined. This will result in perusahaa productivity will increase. Similarly, an article membahsa managers should mendpat semuan trust of members of the team.

Here I reiterate that essentially this trust very easily obtained if one would menapati all he had promised to someone else, when here we as managers we must be able to fulfill all the promises to employees.usaha rumahan

So here will cause a sense of trust for employees who can make karaywan happy and also make employees will work according to the expectations of the manager. And keperpercayaan it is easily damaged by not keeping promises once alone would undermine the sense of trust.

So do not let a manager does not keep the promises given to its employees, will result in a sense of the kepercayaa aka lost. If the loss of this trust will result in the spirit of workers do not work and will also result in the company's productivity.

Thank you for reading our article may be beneficial to you all, see you at the next arikel.