Thursday, May 12, 2016

20 Definition of Management According to the Experts

At the beginning of this website is created, I have discussed vividly what is management (read: the notion of management ). Well, in this article I want to discuss about the definition of management according to experts. But this article is excerpted / written based on many sources, so the rocket management can not guarantee that this definition is 100% correct according to the experts. But, we are trying to at least approach the statements of experts although not identical but essentially the same.
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Immediately berikuti ni 20 definition of management from the experts:

Management by Koontz and Cyril O'Donnell,

Management is an attempt to achieve / reach certain goals through activities / efforts of others.
Management by R.Terry

Management is a unique and distinctive process consisting of actions of planning, organizing, and mobilization and controlling performed to determine the direction and achieve predetermined objectives through the use of human resources and other resources.
Management by Lawrence A.Appley

Management is the art of achieving certain goals remedy made ​​by others / the efforts of others.
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Management by Drs / Oey Liang Lee

Management is the art and science of planning, organizing, directing, penyuuan and oversight of HR in order to achieve certain goals that have been determined.
Management by James AFStoner

Management is a process of planning, organizing, leadership, and control the efforts of members of the organization as well as the use of resources available in the organization to achieve a goal that has been set the previous organization.
Management by Mary Parker Follett

Management is an art, because to do / finish certain work done by others requires certain skills.
Management by Hilman

Management is a function to achieve a goal through the intermediary activities of others and oversee the efforts of each individual in order to achieve the same goal.
Management according Encyclopeia of The Social Science:

Management is a process of implementation to achieve certain goals implemented and supervised.
Management by GR Terry
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Management is a framework / process that requires the direction and guidance of a group of people to achieve organizational goals tangible.

Management by Ricky W. Griffin

Management is the process of planning / planning, organizing, pengkoordinasisasian, as well as controlling any existing resources in order to achieve the goal or goals that have been set effectively and efficiently. Effective means of objectives can be achieved in accordance with the existing plan, and efficient means terorganisis implemented correctly and in accordance with a predetermined schedule.
Management according to Henry Fayol

Management is a science that implies the idea / ideas are 5 main function of designing, ordering, organizing, controlling and mengoordinasasi.
I think management Chaster Bernard

Management is an art and a science.
Management by Federick Winslow Taylor

Management is an experiment conducted in earnest in order to deal with any issues that arise in any leadership of the company / other organization / every system of cooperation that is conducted every human being with the attitude and the soul of a scholar as well as the use of tools of formulation.
Management by Lyndak F.Urwick

Management is predicting / forecasting, planning organizing / planning orga-nizing, ordering / commanding, coordinating / coordinationg and level controlled / controlling.
Management by Prof. Eiji Ogawa

Management is planning, implementation and control of all activities including the manufacture of goods made ​​by every business organization with previously set individual goals / objectives for enhanced working in accordance with the conditions (flexible).
Management by Dr. Ahuja

Management is the parties who offer / provide services related to the field of management.
Management according to Renville Siagian

Management is one line of business engaged in the services managed by experts who are trained and experienced.
Management by Dr. Bennett NB Silalahi, MA

Management is a science of behavior that consist of social aspects inexact not dai responsibility of safety and occupational health both in terms perencaannya.
Management by William H.Newman
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The management function is interconnected to achieve specific results through others.
Management by Drs. Oey

Management is planning / planning, organizing / organizing, directing, coordinating and level controlled.
It had been a variety of definitions of management according to the expert . Although it is not 100% true and accurate, but I am trying to present it in a style of my own language without changing the meaning / purpose / goal of each expert to give a definition to management. Hopefully this article useful to you. Thanks.