Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 Interest Pricing

In the first article we have discussed the role of the price, for more details, please read again the article again with a click here . Now that we know Perana price, we will discuss the purpose of the Determination of the price.

We already know that the price may mentukan how much a product will be sold, let alone an A candy has a price of Rp. 500, there are sweets and candies similar to A at a price of Rp. 300. We are definitely going to buy candy and sweets instead of A. It is a simple illustration that the price may form the pertimbnagn pembelin a product.siklus akuntansi

The following five objectives of pricing:

1. Interest Income Oriented
In classical economic theory states that any company would definitely choose the price that may produce the highest returns. Destination as it's known by the term profit maximization. But in this era of global competition like today where competition is complex and many that affect the competitiveness of enterprises so difficult to achieve profit maximization.

The cause of it all is very difficult to transform and estimate how jumklah product to be sold at a certain price level. in other words, the company is not possible to know how much the price level to be encapai maximum profit.

Therefore, now many companies are using profit targets approach, diamana rate of profit of the company in line with expectations as earnings goals. There are two types of services used, which is the target merjin and ROI targets.

The target is a target profit margin of a product that is expressed by a percentage that describes the ratio of profit tehadap sales. While the target ROI is a poduk profit targets that can be expressed as the ratio of profit tehadap total investment by the company in the form of production facilities and assets that support in the product.

2.Tujuan Oriented Volume
Seselain for profit, there is also a company that sets the price of a volume-oriented, or better known as volume pricing objectives. The prices are set in order to achieve tertent sales volume, market share or sales.pengertian akuntansi

Destinations like this is widely used by companies engaged in the field of aviation, pedididkan, four companies and trevel, den so on. In airlines, the cost of which will be issued in a single fly is not much different when full passenger or not.

Therefore, many airlines are working to implement a reduced price so meminimalakan number of seats vacant.

3.Tujuan Oriented Image
In addition to these two objectives, there are also companies ynag price a product that berorintasi on the company's image. A company can determine a high price to establish or maintain the prestigious image of the company.

While the low price can be used by companies to get a certain image, as an example that the product is a harag yan price of the lowest in the region. Basically, high or low pricing in order bertujua meningkatanya customer perception tehadap arbitrarily product mix offered.

4.Tujuan Price Stability
In a market where consumers are very sensitive to price, we lower the price if the company can be assured that our competitors also lowered the price anyway. In conditions such as these that underlie their tujuna price stability in certain industries whose products have been standardized.

This approach is done by road mentapkan a price in order to maintain a stable relationship between the company and also the price harag industry leaders.

other 5.Tujuan
In this case the determination hrag can mencega entry of competitors, maintaining the loyalty of consumers, support for resale, or in order to avoid interference from the government. The non-profit company set prices for different purposes.

With the aim of which is described above can affect a company's competitive strategy. Pricing objectives must be consistent with the manner by which companies menempatlkan relative position in the competition. Suppose we are oriented untu sahja company makes a profit, regardless of the price of competitors.

It is suitable to be applied on the conditions, namely:

Lack of competition
Companies operating at maximum production capacity
Harag not an attribute that is essential for every consumer
It is different if we are a volume-oriented company, which will be based on a strategy to beat a competitor company. As for price stability shares based on meeting or facing competing demands. For orientation of volume and stability of the company, we should be able to assess the actions pa which will be dialkuka competitors.contoh laporan keuangan

While goal-oriented image, the company will always avoid competition by diferensi products or by way of serving specific market segments.

Similarly, the article, titled 5 pricing objectives , may be useful for you delam growing business and also add your insight. Thank you for reading our article, I'll see you in the next article.